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What is TMJ?

Do you have unexplained jaw or facial pain? Constant headaches? Trouble chewing? You may be suffering from an often overlooked condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder. Characterized by pain and limited movement in the jaw and surrounding muscles, the temporomandibular joint disorder can be a painful and debilitating condition. Fortunately, TMJ disorder can be managed and treated. We’ve outlined what you need to know about the condition below so you can properly diagnose and seek out treatment from your dentist.   What are Temporomandibular Joints? Your temporomandibular joints are located on the base of the skull in front of the ear structure on both sides and connect the lower jaw to the upper jaw. These joints work [...]

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Brushing, Flossing, and Other Home Care Tips

Do you visit the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning? If so, great job! Part of keeping your teeth looking bright and feeling healthy is scheduling regular dental check-ups. But it’s not the only part. It’s important to make a concentrated effort to maintain your dental health throughout the year. This means developing an effective day-to-day dental care routine. In this blog post, we’ll share our best tips for taking great care of your teeth at home. Do your best to stay on track with your brushing, flossing, and other oral care. Then, visit Timberhill Dental for your cleanings twice a year. Brushing Your Teeth Taking care of your teeth at home starts with brushing at least twice [...]

Your Guide to Stained Teeth & Tooth Whitening

Do you wish your teeth were whiter? Do you avoid smiling because of stained teeth? Do you brush and floss regularly but still have teeth that are a little darker than you’d like? Are you worried that your stained teeth may actually be unhealthy? In today’s article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about stained teeth and tooth whitening. We’ll answer a few of the questions we hear from our patients at Timberhill Dental and we’ll even clear up some common myths about stained teeth. Let’s get started. Are Teeth Naturally White? This is probably the most common question people have about stained teeth. Many celebrities have dazzling snowy white teeth. But the truth is that the [...]

How To Deal With Dental Anxiety

Does visiting the dentist make you feel a little nervous? Does just the thought of reclining in a dentist’s chair make your heart beat faster? You are not alone. Dental anxiety is very common experience, even for adults. Studies estimate up to 15% of Americans experience dental anxiety -- that’s over 40 million people! The unfortunate reality is many people will allow their fear of dentists to prevent them from seeking much needed dental care. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to overcome dental anxiety. Let’s take a look at the causes of dental anxiety, strategies to overcome it, and why it’s so important to do so.   Causes of Dental Anxiety Dental anxiety can [...]

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Understanding The Gum Disease Epidemic

Gum disease is reaching epidemic proportions throughout the country. Recent studies show that nearly 50% of people have some degree of gum disease-- that’s over 64 million adults in the United States alone. In today’s post, we’ll answer some of the most common questions patients at Timberhill Dental have about gum disease, as well as share some little-known facts about gum disease and how it can affect your whole body health. Let’s get started.   What Exactly Is Gum Disease? Perhaps the biggest danger when it comes to gum disease is a simple lack of information. Most people are familiar with cavities but a surprising number of people don’t know anything at all about gum disease! So, let’s answer [...]

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News From Timberhill Dental: Spring & Summer 2017 Edition

At Timberhill Dental, we love giving back to the community in Corvallis and throughout Oregon-- as well as around the world. For over a decade we’ve been buying back Halloween candy from local kids and making mouthguards to protect high school athletes. Today, we’re going to talk about what we’ve got planned for the coming months, including an exciting fundraiser and our famous Patient Appreciation Swim Party! The 2017 Oregon Dental Conference Last year at The Oregon Dental Conference! In early April, we’ll be attending the Oregon Dental Conference at the Convention Center in Portland. This is an exciting time for us! Our entire staff will be attending and will take continuing education courses in their area of expertise. [...]

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Timberhill Dental Featured on Valley Parent Magazine

Timberhill Dental has been featured on Valley Parent Magazine! Dr. Kurt Black provided his expert advice on pediatric dental health for the article, "Taking Care of Your Children's Teeth". You'll learn how to handle your child's first dental visit, as well as tips to keep your child's teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Click on over to Valley Parent Magazine to read the full article.

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How to Care for Your Teeth After Braces

Good dental care is just as important after your braces are off as while you’re wearing them. In today’s post we’ll talk about proper post-orthodontic care and what you can do to keep your teeth healthy and straight for the rest of your life. Let’s start by going over a few of the most important reasons to take good care of your new smile. Why Take Care for Your Teeth After Braces? There are a few challenges many people deal with after their braces come off. The two most common are: Their teeth don’t stay straight They see tooth stains and plaque build-up near where the brackets used to be At Timberhill Dental, we help many patients avoid or [...]

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Dental Technology That’s Changing Oral Health

Here at Timberhill Dental in Corvallis, we’re what we like to call a high-tech, high-touch dental practice. High-touch is how we connect with our patients and provide spa-like amenities. We want you to actually look forward to the dentist! We’re also committed to using the latest and best high-tech advancements in dental care. By focusing on both high-tech and high-touch approaches to patient care, Dr. Black is able to provide world-class dental care in a truly relaxing environment. In today’s post, we’ll look at the revolutionary dental technology offered at Timberhill Dental. Dental Technology & Dental Care Evolves at An Incredible Pace Recent research shows many children and young people develop dental anxiety as a result of their parent’s [...]

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Mouthguard Day 2016: Sports Mouthguards For High School Athletes

It’s awesome that more young people than ever are being active and taking part in high school sports like football, hockey, and soccer! At Timberhill Dental we care about the overall health and well-being of everyone in the Corvallis area which is why we celebrate what we call Mouthguard Day. In today’s post, we’ll talk a bit about what Mouthguard Day means to us and why it’s so important for young athletes to protect their teeth! Timberhill Dental’s 2016 Mouthguard Day Here at Timberhill Dental, we celebrated another successful Mouthguard Day back in September. Each year, we invite local high school athletes from the Corvallis High School Spartans and the Crescent Valley High School Raiders to our office to have [...]

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