Posted December 7, 2015

Make Joyful Noise! @ Safe Haven Humane Society

Timberhill Dental loves to support the community and has always taken donations for both Heartland Humane Society and Safe haven Humane Society. We thought we would pass this flyer along to help spread the word.

From the 1st of December to the 24th you can get $50 dollars off your pet adoption if you sing a Christmas tune at the front desk! What a fun, great way to spread holiday cheer!



Posted November 30, 2015

Giving Tree

Trillium Children’s Farm Home is Oregon’s leader in providing mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families. They offer individualized, family-centered,evidence-based treatment to help children gain the skills necessary to manage their mental health alleges. Often these children are there during the Holidays. Please help us provide each child a special gift at Christmas.

Thank you,
Timberhill Dental



Posted November 24, 2015

Do you know the Top 10 Thanksgiving Day Foods?

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss!

Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods


As we slowly but surely approach the relief that is Thanksgiving break, it’s time for those of us who plan on feasting, to pick and choose the dishes in which to indulge. It’s impossible to eat everything — though you may want to — so you might have to be selective. To help with this difficult decision, consult the following ranking of the top 10 Thanksgiving foods.

1. Mashed potatoes should be at the top of everyone’s list. Potatoes are one of the best things to grace this Earth, and the variety of potato dishes that you can make are endless. Plus, mashed potatoes are so simple that even us college kids can help out in the kitchen with that one, or else just be the designated taster. You pick.

2. Rolls and biscuits are the highlights of a Thanksgiving dinner for many, especially for those who are sly enough to sneak a couple before their guests eat them all. When made right, they’re so light and fluffy that you’ll have to really resist the urge to eat them all.

3. Stuffing that isn’t weirdly stuffed in a Turkey is severely underrated. It’s just a bowl of carbs into which you can add literally anything. It’s a light enough dish that you can go back for seconds and not feel completely bogged down.

4. Why is turkey not first on the list? It’s just so easy to cook a dry turkey, and those are never fun. It takes a lot of effort to cook, does not taste better than mashed potatoes, takes up a ton of room on the table and is difficult to cut. Turkey’s a little too much trouble for what it’s worth, but there’s something to be said for traditions.

5. Cranberry sauce, when made fresh (!), is worthy of a spot in the top five. It can be a great addition to turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing — anything, really. Also, cranberry sauce on sandwiches made with leftovers in the week after Thanksgiving is a nice, economical treat.

6. Dessert, dessert, dessert! Pumpkin pie is usually a Thanksgiving staple, but apple and berry pies tend to appeal to a wider audience. Either way, get a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on your pie, and you’re good to go.

7. Many have a love-hate relationship with corn, but it’s the only vegetable to make it on the good part of this list, so it has some things going for it. The fact that kernels always get stuck in your teeth is an annoying but worthwhile price to pay for the delicious taste.

8. Gravy on its own isn’t exactly going to satisfy your taste buds, but it’s a great addition to anything that lacks a bit of flavor. It’s also easy to make, so you can feel like you actually tense if you step in and say, “Oh, don’t worry, Uncle Pete. I’ll take care of the gravy.”

Dishonorable mentions:

9. Sweet potato anything. Sweet potatoes, unless they are in the form of fries, are really just gross. Sure, they’re “healthy,” but Thanksgiving dinner isn’t about health. The most popular sweet potato dish is likely mashed sweet potatoes. When you already have delicious regular mashed potatoes, why would you want anything that looks like pureed children’s food (and doesn’t taste much better)?

10. Vegetables that smell weird when cooked, like brussel sprouts and broccoli, are a no-no. You’ll have plenty of times in your life to eat vegetables, but Thanksgiving day is not that day. Put away the greens.



Posted November 2, 2015

Dollars, Not Decay

Our Annual Dollar$ Not Decay Event was a SUCCESS! Well over 800 lbs collected!

Thanks to all who came in and exchanged their candy for the more healthy option of CASH!



Posted October 13, 2015

Jamaica – Humanitarian Dental Aid Trip was a Success

In late September early October Dr. Black, his wife Susan and the Timberhill Dental Staff traveled to Ocho Rio Jamaica to provide free dental care to the people of Jamaica. They held their dental clinic in the Davis-town township which is in the Parrish of Saint Ann. It was a life changing event for all. Please ask us about it,
we’d LOVE to share our amazing story.



Posted July 22, 2015

95 Days Until Jamaica! – Ask us how you can help

The count down has started!

Just a 144 days until we volunteer our dental services in the Parish of St. Anne Jamaica. We will be accepting donations, please ask us how you can help.



Posted June 18,2015

Swim Party 2015

Our 2015 Annual SWIM PARTY will be held on Friday July 24th at the Osborn Aquatic Center from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm.

Fabulous Prizes!

We will be giving away several gift certificates to many local restaurants, as well as a gift certificate for the Evergreen Aviation Museum and Water Park! You must be present to win, so please Join us!



Posted May 21, 2015

Contest Winner!

Everyone congratulate our lucky contest winner!

Our patient Leyna participated in our “Like and Share and write a Review” contest. She is now the proud owner of an iPad Air!

Please check our facebook page and website regularly for upcoming contests and



Posted May 11,2015

Timberhill Dental Humanitarian Trip To Jamaica

Timberhill Dental Humanitarian Trip Supply List


• Monetary amounts always welcome
• Masks 2-3 boxes (100)
• Gloves (preferably powdered due to heat & humidity) 2-3 boxes
• Small Saliva Ejectors (low & hi vac) As needed • Large Saliva Ejectors (low & hi vac) As needed • Surgical Suction Tips As needed
• Cotton Rolls As needed
• Gauze (2×2) (may use as sponges if suction is not adequate) As needed
• Gauze (4×4) (may use as sponges if suction is not adequate) As needed
• Patient Bibs (may use as tray covers) 100-200
• Small Patient Cups 100
• Suture 2 Boxs of preferred
• Birex Disinfectant (packets for soaking) 1 box/
• Sterilization Wipes 1 canisters
• Broad Spectrum Antibiotics 1 large bottle (500)
• Composite (multiple shades) for doing esthetic fillings – Enough for 50 fills
• Etch
• Gluma (or desensitizer equivalent)
• 2 large syringes
• One bottle
• Sealant 1 syringe
• Applicators 1 packs
• Topical Cotton Swabs 1 packs (100)
• Bonding 1 prime and bond kit or equivalent • Temp Cement As needed
• Needles 2 boxes (100)
• Anesthetic (2% Lido) 2 boxes
• Anesthetic (3% Carbo) 1 box
• Topical Anesthetic 1 jar/1 jar
• Toothbrushes (adult) 50+ (as many as possible)
• Toothbrushes (child) 200+ (as many as possible)
• Floss (samples) 100 or as many as possible)
• Toothpaste (samples) 100 or as many as possible
• Tray Covers (may use patient bibs) 100 sheets
• Hand Sanitizer 1 large bottle
• Liquid Soap 1
• Stickers for kids (optional) 100
• Small Toys or Stuffed Animals (optional) 50
• Instruments & Equipment Quantity
• Surgical Instrument Sets: Potts, elevators, Cowhorns, forceps, forceps, scissors, periosteal elevators, hemostats, root tip pick and rongeurs etc.
• Syringes-metal (3-6)
• Monojet syringes (3-6)
• Burrs (selection of favorites) (3-6)
• FG-557 (3-6)
• FG-Surgical 557 (3-6)
• Slow speed round bur (3-6)
• Disks (3-6)
• Slow speed mandrel (3-6)
• Enhance polishing cups (3-6)
• Flame carbide/or diamond flame (3-6)
• Diamond football (3-6)
• Bite Blocks (3-6)
• Endo Supplies As needed • Tinted Eye protection for patient
• Vaseline or equivalent for dry lips
• Birex Disinfectant (for soaking) 5 packets
• Disposable Prophy Angles 100
• Prophy Paste 100
• Anesthetic (2% Lido) 1 box
• Anesthetic (3% Carbo) 1 packet
• Topical Anesthetic 1 small bottle/tube
• Toothbrushes (adult) 75+ (as many as possible)
• Toothbrushes (child) 200+ (as many as possible)
• Floss (samples) 200+ (as many as possible)
• Toothpaste (samples) 200+ (as many as possible)
• Fluoride Gel/ Brush on fluoride (any flavor) 1 bottle or 50 applications 6”
• Cotton Tips Applicators (to apply fluoride on each patient instead of using trays) 2 packets
• Tray Covers (optional as you may use bibs) 100
• Hand Sanitizer 1 bottle
• Liquid Soap 1 bottle



April 14, 2015

Google Reviews

Please take the time and stop by our Google page. We would really appreciate a review from you! We’d love to hear about your experiences with Timberhill Dental.



March 10, 2015

Facebook – “Like and Share” Write a Review Contest!

Are you on Facebook? So are we!

Join us on Facebook by “liking” our fan page! You will be glad you did because then you can find office news, interesting articles from the dental health world, and information about our special events!

In fact, “Like and Share” our page and write a review and you will be entered in a drawing for an iPad Air!

Write a review on Google and receive an additional entry for the drawing. Drawing will take start on April 5th 2015.

Visit our Facebook page today for more details by clicking on the Facebook icon below.

Contest will run Thru May 10th! Have a great day!

Timberhill Dental



March 4, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. “CV” Tooth Whitening Fundraiser

Mr. and Ms. CV Tooth Whitening Fundraiser

WHAT: Mr. and Ms. CV Tooth Whitening BenefitΡ Dr. Kurt Black of Timberhill Dental (Ian’s Dad) is hosting a benefit for the Mr. and Ms. CV program. You, or your friends and family, can get professional tooth whitening for $100 (normally a $400 value). 100% of the Proceeds will be donated to the Mr. and Ms. CV program.

WHEN: Call before April 6th to make an appointment between now and April 11th, 2015 (The Mr./Ms. CV fundraising ends on April 11th). Gift certificates can be bought for teeth whitening to occur after April 11th.

WHERE: Timberhill Dental Kurt S. Black, DDS PC 2356 – NW Professional Drive Corvallis, OR 973330

HOW it WORKS: If each contestant encourages two friends/family members to make an appointment for professional tooth whitening, then 100% will go back to Mr. and Ms. CV. If you can raise more than $200, that’s great too!

Encourage interested friends and family members to call 5417540144 to book an appointment time during regular hours (MondayThursday 8:004:30). Initial impression appointment takes about 20 minutes. The patient will return to the
office the following week to pick up their professional whitening trays.

Appointments must be made by April 6th or you can buy a gift certificate (for Mother’s Day, graduation, etc) that can be used at anytime.

● Checks and credit cards accepted
● Gift certificates are available if you’d like to give a sparkling smile as a gift (a great gift!)
● A complimentary paraffin handwsx dip will be offered to all participants and cookies and cappuccinos will be served
● Because it’s considered cosmetic, this is not a procedure that is covered by insurance.

Call 5417540144 for an appointment time or more information!