Before & After

Here’s a complete upper and lower arch restoration with individual porcelain crowns. For years, our patient suffered from poorly shaped and excessively worn teeth. Today he’s very happy and loves the confidence boost his new smile gives him.

This is a restoration of the 4 upper front teeth using individual porcelain tooth-colored crowns. As you can see, our patient’s restorations were worn and off-color. What a great result!

Using natural colored resin bonding, we restored the the 6 upper front teeth. Our patient had natural gaps between teeth and the bonds helped close off that space and lengthen the teeth.

Individual porcelain crowns restored the 8 upper front teeth in this patient’s mouth. The patient’s previously installed restorations were off colored, poorly positioned and did not have an ideal shape. The new improved look leads to a very evident increase in self-confidence.

Our patient’s teeth were severely worn after a lifetime of tooth grinding. Individual porcelain crowns were used to completely restore the upper and lower arch. A staged minimally-invasive surgical approach was used to revise the gum line. His new smile says it all!

This restoration of the right central incisor used a custom made porcelain crown. Our patient is ecstatic!

Our patient wanted to close the dark gap between teeth. We restored the 2 upper front central incisors with direct resin laminate bonding to produce great looking and long lasting results.

Here we restored 8 front teeth with individual porcelain crowns to recreate her original tooth shape. You can see a great improvement in color and it was exactly what our patient wanted. She is so happy!

We restored the the 4 upper front teeth with individual porcelain crowns, and used a staged surgical approach to revise the gumline. What a great result without any orthodontics!

Here’s a complete lower arch restoration with individual porcelain crowns to compliment the previously restored upper arch. Previously, our patient’s lower teeth were severely worn and dark colored. She just loves her new smile!

Using individual porcelain veneers, we restored both upper right and left lateral incisors. The teeth were previously unrestored and presented as “peg” laterals. Look at that smile now!

Our patient’s teeth had been restored in the past at another dental office. Unfortunately, the restorations were worn and discolored porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns. We used individual custom porcelain crowns to restore the 6 upper front teeth. What a profound change. She can’t stop smiling!