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Not long ago, the only treatment options for many oral diseases involved painful surgery and long recoveries. Laser dentistry, one of the latest advances in dental technology, offers a gentle, minimally invasive option for a wide range of diseases. Keep reading to learn more about how our approach to laser dentistry in Corvallis.

At Timberhill Dental, we use the latest technology to focus on disease prevention and early detection, with treatments that are safe, precise, and minimally invasive. Our goal is to restore your oral health without unnecessary pain, surgery, or numbing.

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What is Laser Dentistry?

Timberhill Dental in Corvallis is proud to offer the WaterLase YSGG HydroKinetic Dental Laser — an extremely gentle, safe and effective technology in the treatment of many types of oral diseases. WaterLase can be used for:

  • Removing tooth decay
  • Preparing cavities for fillings
  • Reshaping “gummy” smiles
  • General soft tissue procedures
  • General dentistry for enamel and dentin

WaterLase dental laser technology works by combining laser energy and water to create hydrokinetic energy. The laser-energized water can gently and precisely remove a wide range of tissue, including soft gum tissue and even tooth enamel, which is the hardest substance in the human body.

With a laser, we can specifically target decay and disease, leaving healthy tissue and tooth structure intact.

Did You Know?

The reason drilling can be so uncomfortable is because it causes heat, vibration, and pressure that patients can feel.

Our Corvallis laser dentists prefer to use high-tech treatments whenever possible. Because they do not generate heat, vibration, or pressure, we can even perform select dental procedures without anesthesia. Patients experience less bleeding, swelling, and numbness following the procedure.

Laser Dentistry vs. Traditional Methods

For decades, many dentists could only prepare cavities with painful drilling. Gum disease was treated with surgery that involved using a scalpel to cut away a large amount of gum tissue, including healthy tissue.

Although many dentists still rely on those older methods, recent advances in dental technology allow us to treat a variety of diseases more effectively and with less pain.


Laser Dentistry Traditional Treatments
Accuracy Laser can specifically target decay and disease, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Drills and scalpels usually result in the removal of at least some healthy tissue.
Pain Lasers are minimally invasive; some procedures require minimal anesthesia and cause little or no pain. Traditional approaches require shots and leave you numb for minutes or hours.
Recovery Time Most patients experience virtually no post-operative discomfort and don’t need pain medication. More invasive methods cause more pain, bleeding, and inflammation, so they take longer to heal.
Health Benefits Lasers don’t target healthy tissue, which promotes oral and whole body health. Cutting and drilling healthy tissue is detrimental for your tooth structure and oral health.
Associated Risks Lasers are extremely precise, posing a much decreased risk of complications. Traditional methods have a higher risk of infection, so results are less predictable.

Our Minimally Invasive Process

At our Corvallis office, we make it our mission to provide high-tech, high-touch dental care with minimally invasive treatments that cause less pain, less anxiety, and better results.

When you come to our office for a laser treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  1. We’ll offer you spa amenities, including a hand wax dip, a warm blanket, and a comfortable neck pillow.
  2. Timberhill Dental’s staff will examine your teeth and assess the current extent of the damage.
  3. You’ll lie back and relax while we remove all disease-causing bacteria and diseased tissue.
  4. Depending on the procedure, there may be additional steps.
  5. You’ll be able to return to your daily routine without dealing with unnecessary numbness or excessive discomfort.

Our use of the latest advances in dental technology helps you avoid stress, minimize discomfort, and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. In Corvallis, our laser dentistry treatments can help you smile again!

What Our Clients Say

Rich S. Testimonial - Timberhill Dental

I have been going to Timberhill Dental for 6 years and I think they are the best dental practice that I have ever found. They are very timely, professional and actually concerned about me and my teeth. Why can’t all caregivers be like this?

– Rich S.

Franci Miller Testimonial - Timberhill Dental

All of the Timberhill Dental staff are awesome! They care about keeping your mouth healthy, clean and looking good. Timberhill Dental is top notch and I would recommend it highly for all of your dental needs!

– Franci Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a laser remove cavities?

Laser dentistry is one of the best treatments for cavities and gum disease, and it can be used to repair these issues in a precise, painless, and effective way.

Is a laser cavity filling painful?

Unlike other options, laser treatments are virtually painless.

Why use a laser instead of drilling?

There are several benefits to using lasers instead of traditional drilling. One of the most important ones is that depending on the procedure, it sometimes doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. Another important advantage is that a laser is much more precise and allows for minimal removal of tooth structure.

Is laser gum contouring painful?

This type of procedure is almost painless. However, your dentist may use a local anesthetic to make sure you feel no pain at all.

Is laser gum contouring permanent?

Yes. You can rest assured that the removed tissue won’t grow back, so you’ll only need to have this procedure once to see long-term results.

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