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Drs. Kurt Black and Charles Eric Jones focus on comprehensive dental care for their patients — not their patients’ insurance plans. Our office will never allow insurance coverage to dictate the care you receive. At Timberhill Dental in Corvallis, you’ll find flexible payment options and a refreshing approach to how our dentists and team see the financial side of dentistry.

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Meet Sandie

Sandie is Timberhill Dental’s Treatment and  Financial Coordinator. She works with patients to make sense of their dental insurance coverage and help all patients find the best way to invest in their dental health.

Sandie has worked at Timberhill Dental for over 14 years and is an expert on helping patients understand the financial side of dentistry.  She works hard to make sure that every patient gets the care they need and that every patient with insurance maximizes the benefits available to them.

Sandie’s always available to answer your questions like:

  • “Will you file my insurance paperwork?” – Yes, we will — even if you’re not in-network.
  • “Can you explain what CareCredit is?” – Think of it like a credit card for healthcare expenses. Many patients qualify for 0% interest.
  • “I don’t have dental insurance. Can I still schedule an appointment?” – Of course you can! We’ll take the time to make sure you understand the financial aspects of your care whether you’re insured or not.

Payment Options at Timberhill Dental

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What Dental Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know…

1. Dental insurance isn’t really insurance. 

It’s more like a discount on some of your dental care. Unlike medical insurance which has out-of-pocket maximums, dental “insurance” works in reverse — coverage is provided until you reach an annual limit. Then you pay for everything yourself.

2. The limits on coverage are absurdly low.

Think about what a gallon of milk cost 20 years ago and what it costs today. That’s inflation at work. Unfortunately, dental insurance coverage hasn’t kept up with the times. Most plans today have a $1000 yearly maximum — very close to what it was 20+ years ago.

3. You don’t need dental insurance to get great dental care.

We can’t put it more simply. Our focus is on you and your health, not your insurance. In fact, many of our patients see us even though they could have in-network coverage at another dental practice in town. Simply put, patients choose Timberhill Dental because of the high quality of the comprehensive dental care they receive.

Whether you have dental insurance or not, schedule an appointment at Timberhill Dental. We’ll answer your questions and show you just how easy going to the dentist can be.

What Our Patients Say

When it comes to dental work I have some serious anxiety, so I am always thankful for the calming, spa-like atmosphere of Timberhill Dental. They use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment available in dentistry. They offer paraffin wax hand treatments to relax you while you get your teeth cleaned! Timberhill Dental is as good as it gets!

– Lindy O.

The Timberhill Dental staff are excellent. They are incredibly welcoming and everyone was friendly and outgoing. They even spent extra time to explain procedures to me. It was an awesome experience!

– Sydney Laudon

“I can’t say enough about how great my experience was at Timberhill Dental. There are so many little touches (hot towel when you’re finished, warm paraffin hand treatments during cleanings, etc.) that make Timberhill stand out. I really felt like they all genuinely cared about me and my teeth and my experience in their office.

– Shasta Barnes

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Timberhill Dental is conveniently located in Northwest Corvallis, near the Timberhill Shopping Center. We know you’ll love the inviting and relaxing spa-like atmosphere. We hope to see you soon.

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