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The Latest in Advanced, Digital Radiography

The key to maintaining great dental health and overall health and well-being is early detection of potential problems. That’s why at Timberhill Dental, we’ll use the latest digital x-ray technologies.

Our digital x-rays allow us to see things that just can’t be seen with the naked eye or with traditional radiographic x-rays. Dental x-rays are the best way to ensure early detection of decay and other dental health problems.

They can even save you money in the long run. For example, by identifying hard-to-detect cavities early, you can have them filled before they become bigger cavities, and possibly avoid a root canal or other more invasive procedures further down the road.

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Make X-Rays Part of Your Dental Health Plan

You probably don’t need x-rays every time you visit the dentist. Timberhill Dental generally recommends that most patients have x-rays taken every 12-18 months. By having x-rays taken regularly, we’ll be able to see changes in your tooth structure that will help us to provide you with the outstanding dental care we’re known for.

We may recommend more frequent x-rays if you:

  • Have a history of cavities, gum disease, or abscesses in your gums or jaw
  • Are still waiting for all your permanent, adult teeth to settle into place
  • Need to make sure there’s room for your wisdom teeth
  • Are considering dentures, braces, implants or other dental procedures

At your next checkup, ask if it’s time for your next set of x-rays.

Did You Know?

While most people think of x-rays as a way to look for cavities, they can also help me identify cysts, benign or cancerous tumors, and the location of teeth that haven’t erupted. Of course, x-rays are also invaluable for helping me to detect decay, especially between teeth.

Digital x-rays really are one of the most versatile and useful diagnostics we use to help patients.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays use analog technology, including a piece of metal that acts like photographic film. Developing traditional x-rays takes time and requires a higher dose of radiation.

At Timberhill Dental, we’re always looking to use the best diagnostic technologies to help our patients. And digital x-rays are truly the best choice. Their advantages include:

• Very sensitive digital sensors that require the use of significantly less radiation
• Instant viewing! No waiting for films to develop
• Sharper digital images show more detail than traditional x-ray films
• Digital radiography doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals, so it’s the environmentally friendly choice!

Best of all, digital x-rays let us show you what we see, in real-time. We’ve installed screens right next to our dental chairs so you can see your x-rays and ask questions.

With Timberhill Dental’s help, you’ll:

• Develop a better understanding of any dental problems you’re facing
• Be more informed on the advantages of different treatment options
• Take an active role in deciding on your treatment plan

Towels and spa features - Timberhill Dental

Outstanding Care with Spa-like Amentities

At Timberhill Dental we provide a friendly, relaxing atmosphere and use the latest dental technology, including digital x-rays, to produce better results and a more comfortable dental experience for you.
Our patients love our spa-like amenities that include complimentary:

• Paraffin hand dips
• Gourmet coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and tea
• Warm, scented hand towels
• Comfortable neck pillows

What Our Clients Say

Heidi Casad Testimonial - Timberhill Dental

Even though I can feel anxious about going to the dentist, Timberhill’s staff makes it enjoyable and comfortable. Plus, I love the paraffin wax hand spa. I feel taken care of and I highly recommend Timberhill Dental.

– Heidi Casad

R.L. - Testimonial

Everyone at Timberhill Dental makes you feel so welcome you forget you’re at the dentist! I even indulged in a paraffin hand dip while I was having my teeth cleaned. These amazing people do everything they can to help you take care of your teeth.

– R.L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do dental x-rays reveal?

Dental x-rays can help us find cavities and other issues that may not be visible at first glance. This helps us to treat and prevent tooth damage in a timely and more efficient manner.

How often should dental x-rays be done?

This depends entirely on each patient. Depending on your case, your dentist may recommend you to have a set of x-rays taken every 12 to 18 months.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Yes, they are very safe. The amount of radiation is minimal.

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