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Restore Chipped Teeth and Fill Gaps Between Teeth

Cosmetic bonding is often the best solution for issues like stains or a gap between two front teeth. Chipped teeth or teeth with jagged edges can also benefit from cosmetic bonding. It’s an effective way to quickly restore the appearance of your teeth and improve your smile. Keep reading to learn more about how our Corvallis dentists use dental bonding to help our patients.

At Timberhill Dental, our philosophy focuses on helping you achieve the smile you want with minimally invasive techniques. The goal of cosmetic bonding is to preserve as much of your original, natural teeth as possible while producing beautiful results and a smile you’ll love!

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How Does Cosmetic Bonding Work?

Cosmetic bonding is a simple, non-invasive procedure. We apply tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth and sculpt it to cover or replace the problem area. The material bonds to the surface of your teeth like a glue and it can easily be shaded to perfectly match your teeth. It is often “cured” or hardened with an intense ultraviolet light.

When you meet with Timberhill Dental’s staff at our Corvallis office, we’ll use the latest dental technology, and years of dental experience to:

  • Determine whether you have any underlying tooth decay or only cosmetic issues
  • Help you understand all your options for improving your smile
  • Show you how composite bonding can cover problem areas and give you a brighter, whiter smile

You’ll learn more about the benefits of cosmetic bonding, how it works, and the process of applying it. We may also recommend an alternative treatment option like porcelain veneers or crowns.

Cosmetic Bonding vs. Other Cosmetic Treatments

When skillfully applied and sculpted, cosmetic bonding allows you to have a natural, beautiful improvement in your smile.

Cosmetic bonding is a perfect solution for people with one or two minor cosmetic issues, like gaps, chips, or stains. Porcelain veneers or crowns are an excellent, longer lasting alternative for anyone with more extensive cosmetic issues.

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Did You Know?

Many people visit a dentist in Corvallis with the goal of fixing cosmetic issues but end up discovering deeper problems like cavities or more significant damage to tooth structure.

If you come in for a cosmetic procedure and are concerned about your tooth health, we can use the latest digital x-ray and laser diagnostic technologies to find decay that other dentists may miss. That allows us to get rid of tooth decay before it causes significant damage, leaving you with a smile that is healthy and beautiful.

Advantages of Cosmetic Bonding from Timberhill Dental

About The Timberhill Dental Philosophy

At Timberhill Dental, comfort and peace of mind are top priorities. That’s why we offer high-tech, high-touch dental care that’s focused on minimizing anxiety and providing comfortable and minimally invasive treatments with incredible outcomes.

When you come to our office for cosmetic bonding, here’s what your visit will be like:

  1. Our friendly office staff will greet you as soon as you walk in the door and offer you a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or tea.
  2. The calming, spa-like ambiance of our office will immediately make you feel at home.
  3. We’ll offer you spa amenities, such as a complimentary paraffin wax hand dip and a comfortable neck pillow.
  4. We’ll look at your teeth and go through your options with you.
  5. We’ll send you home with a new bright, natural-looking smile.

At Timberhill Dental, we treat you like family. A soothing atmosphere combined with the latest materials and dental technology allow us to provide a more comfortable dental experience with beautiful, natural results.

What Our Clients Say

Lindy O. - Testimonial

“When it comes to dental work I have some serious anxiety, so I am always thankful for the calming, spa-like atmosphere of Timberhill Dental. They use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment available in dentistry. They offer paraffin wax hand treatments to relax you while you get your teeth cleaned! Timberhill Dental’s office is as good as it gets!

– Lindy O.

“The Timberhill Dental staff are excellent. I was able to come in and shadow the doctor and it was amazing. The staff was incredibly welcoming and everyone was friendly and outgoing. They even spent extra time to explain procedures to me. It was an awesome experience!

– Sydney Laudon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dental bonding safe for my teeth?

Yes! Unlike some cosmetic and restorative procedures that require permanent changes to the structure of your teeth, dental bonding treatments are not permanent and are 100% safe for your teeth.

Are bonding treatments better than veneers?

It really depends on what you hope to achieve with your smile. For patients with just a few chips, gaps, or stains and an otherwise healthy smile, cosmetic bonding treatments can be a non-invasive way to improve their smile. However, for someone with more extensive cosmetic or health issues, veneers might be a better option.

How long does a bonding treatment last?

In most cases, bonding treatments will need to be replaced after 3-10 years. The longevity of your bonding treatment is influenced by your bite, genetics, lifestyle, diet, and brushing/flossing habits at home. If you begin to notice chips or stains in bonded areas, this can be restored with a quick “touch up.”

Are bonding treatments the best way to repair cracked/chipped teeth?

Bonding treatments aren’t purely cosmetic. The resin material can also reinforce and strengthen your tooth when it’s used to repair cracked and chipped teeth. Your teeth will not only look great, but they won’t feel as rough/sharp to your tongue and will be protected against future damage, too.

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