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Oral Cancer Screenings Can Save Your Life

When it comes to cancer, early detection can save your life. Nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. While most oral cancers are very treatable, delayed diagnosis can lead to serious complications.

Fortunately, VELscope® offers an easy, painless, and non-invasive way to identify oral cancers and other abnormalities. The VELscope® system uses a harmless blue light to help spot abnormal tissue before it’s visible to the naked eye.

VELscope® is fast, easy, effective, and it can even help save your life.

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Your VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

2 minutes. That’s all the time it takes to perform a VELscope® oral cancer screening during your next scheduled visit to Timberhill Dental.

At Timberhill Dental, we’re such strong believers in the VELscope® system that we offer it free of charge to all of our patients as part of their routine dental care. As part of your screening, we’ll also talk with you about:

  • Factors that can increase your risk of oral cancers, including family history, smoking and use of other tobacco products
  • Symptoms of oral cancer and warning signs you can watch out for at home
  • How you can maximize your dental health and overall well-being
  • Your desire to maintain a natural, white, and healthy smile for a lifetime

Did You Know? 

We want to help you, and all of our patients, to live long, happy, healthy lives. There’s an old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s true! Early detection and diagnosis save lives.

There’s simply no better diagnostic than the VELscope®, the only non-invasive method that’s clinically proven to aid in the early diagnosis of oral cancers.

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How VELscope® Works

VELscope® is a non-invasive system, powered by some really impressive technology!

Here’s what you can expect from your oral cancer screening:

• During your routine dental checkup, we’ll perform a VELscope® screening
• The VELscope® system shines a harmless blue light on your gums and the soft tissue in your mouth
• We’ll look for changes in the light that’s reflected back, indicating possible abnormalities
• You get real-time results and feedback. In under 2 minutes, you’ll know the results of your VELscope® screening

The Timberhill Dental Philosophy

Timberhill Dental provides high-tech, high-touch dental care that maximizes comfort and delivers incredible results. Our focus is on providing a welcoming, relaxing office environment where you can receive compassionate, minimally invasive dental care.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit the Timberhill Dental office for a VELscope® cancer screening:

  1. You’ll love the soothing, spa-like atmosphere of our office. You’ll immediately feel at home in our dental office.
  2. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and can enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or tea while you wait for your appointment time.
  3. You can take advantage of our other spa amenities, like a paraffin hand wax, comfy neck pillow, and warm hand towels.
  4. The entire office will treat you like family and work to make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease during your entire visit.
  5. As part of your regular cleaning and checkup, we’ll perform an oral cancer screening and in under 2 minutes, you’ll have the results.

What Our Clients Say

Amy Mayfield Testimonial - Timberhill Dental

“Super friendly staff and comfortable office! They’re great at helping me feel relaxed during dental work.

– Amy Mayfield

Claudia Lee - Testimonial

I’ve been a patient at Timberhill Dental for a number of years.  I’m always impressed with the way I’m taken care of from the moment I walk in the door. My most recent treatment was a crown replacement. This has never been my favorite experience, but the crown I received last week was the best experience I’ve had to date. The crown prep was quick and thorough, I was completely numb to it (hooray!), and the actual crown itself was made while I read a book on my Kindle. Before I left Timberhill Dental’s office the new crown was in place in my mouth and a perfect fit!

– Claudia Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is oral cancer?

About 3% of all cancer patients in the United States have oral cancer. Roughly 30,000 new cases are reported every year.

What are the risk factors for oral cancer?

Heavy tobacco and alcohol consumption are the most important risk factors. Other risk factors include genetics, being over 50 years old, being a male, having the human papillomavirus (HPV), and experiencing excessive sun exposure.

What symptoms should I pay attention to?

See your dentist as soon as possible if you’ve had any of the following symptoms for two weeks or more: pain, persistent soreness or irritation, red or white spots, tenderness, numbness, unusual textures, or lump growth.

Is mouth cancer treatable?

For most patients, it is. The earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier the treatment. Treatment often includes surgery and/or radiation. Success will vary from patient to patient.

There’s no reason to put off your oral cancer screening.

Schedule an appointment and receive your VELscope® screening at no extra cost to you.

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