Is Mouth Taping Right For You?

“Many patients have said this one small thing has changed their life”, says Dr. Black. “It’s possibly a game-changer in the prevention of oral disease.” By now, most of us have heard about the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Not only does it allow you to think more clearly, reduce stress, and improve your mood — it also benefits your immune system and lowers your risk of developing serious health problems like heart disease. It might surprise you to learn that breathing through your mouth can have an impact on your sleep. Not only can it cause you to snore, but studies have shown that people who regularly breathe through their mouths while asleep [...]

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What You Need to Know About Bleeding Gums

At some point, many of us have experienced bleeding gums. Maybe you’re brushing your teeth and you see a little bit of blood when you spit out your toothpaste. Or, you notice your gums feeling a little raw after you floss. Bleeding gums might not seem like that big of a deal. But if your gums are bleeding consistently, don’t ignore it. In today’s blog post, we’ll review some of the common causes of bleeding gums, how you can treat them at home, and when it’s time to come visit us here at Timberhill Dental. Causes Gums bleed for a variety of different reasons, including: Gingivitis or gum disease, caused by plaque or tartar buildup around the [...]

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COVID-19 News: Why Dentists Are Reporting Low Infection Statistics

Everyone’s world has changed so much this year. It feels like every day, we’re learning something new that makes us reevaluate what we thought we knew for sure. A few months back, a Canadian research group estimated that dentists were among the most likely professions to contract COVID-19. Even before this study was published, here at Timberhill Dental we were well aware of the potential risks facing our dentists, staff, and patients.  We took every necessary step to create an environment that was as safe as possible by: Prescreening all patients and staff for temperature, recent travel, exposure, and sickness. No one has been allowed to enter the treatment areas until all conditions have been met. [...]

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The Link Between Gum Disease and COVID-19

This year and the global pandemic have caused a lot of change to our usual routines.  One big routine that might have changed due to the onset of COVID-19? Your regular visits to the dentist’s office.  But as recent studies show a connection between gum disease and COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to maintain your regular dental appointments and exams. In this post, we’ll review the connection between gum disease and COVID-19, common symptoms of gum disease, and tips for prevention. Let’s get started.  What is gum disease?  Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is inflammation and infection of the gums. At a minimum, it damages the soft tissue of the [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dental Phobia

Are you experiencing dental phobia? We can help!  It’s common for people to feel a little uneasiness before coming into the dentist. But for millions of Americans, that uneasiness manifests as dental phobia. In fact, as many as 20% of people report they avoid going to the dentist because of it! Here are a few signs you may have dental phobia: You haven’t been to the dentist in a long time  You get nervous as soon as you walk into the dentist office You have delayed getting dental treatment before, even when you’ve been in pain You feel very uneasy when you sit in the dental chair You’re worried about being criticized about your dental hygiene  [...]

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Looking for Toothache Treatment in Corvallis, OR?

Are You in Dental Pain? Call Us and We’ll See You Soon. Timberhill Dental is the toothache dentist in Corvallis — we’re here when you need us the most. Contact us right away if you’re experiencing any of the following: Sudden and sharp pain in your face and mouth Dull throbbing pain in your mouth, face, jaw, or ears Intense sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures Pain when chewing Discomfort or bleeding when brushing or flossing The doctors and Timberhill dental team are ready to help diagnose and treat the source of your toothache. What Causes a Toothache? Most everyone will have a toothache or experience tooth sensitivity at some point in [...]

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Good News From Timberhill Dental — We Will See You Soon!

We hope that you and your family are in good health! As you may have heard, Governor Brown recently announced that dental offices may return to performing elective dental care. As of May 1st, we’re back to seeing patients for cleanings, exams, and other non-urgent dental treatments.  Most importantly, we’re doing so safely. Did you miss an appointment because of our closure? If you had an appointment canceled during our 6-week closure, now is a great time to call and schedule: (541) 754-0144. In addition, we’ll also be reaching out to you if you have a 6-month cleaning coming up or have pending treatment needs. Our continued dedication [...]

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CEREC Prime Scan: What It Is and Why It Matters

Here at Timberhill Dental, we always stay up to date with the most recent advancements in dental technology. Incorporating the latest techniques and tools allows us to provide minimally invasive, world-class dental care to our patients. That’s why we recently purchased a CEREC® Prime Scan — the latest and greatest technology for scanning the dentition and jaw area. Keep reading to learn more about what this fast and highly accurate scanner actually does, and why it’s so important for our patients’ comfort and well-being. What is CEREC®? Although the CEREC® Prime Scan is new, we’ve been using the CEREC® system for years. CEREC® stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” The system uses [...]

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How to Teach Healthy Dental Habits to Kids

Did you know tooth decay is the #1 chronic health issue affecting kids 6-19 today? Luckily, tooth decay is preventable, which is why it’s never too early to start teaching kids how to take care of their teeth. Establishing a healthy routine not only prevents problems now, but it also sets up kids to become healthy adults. In this month’s post, we’ll give you our best advice and tips for teaching healthy dental habits to kids — and how to get those habits to stick! By the end, you’ll feel confident and ready to help your kids care for their teeth, but don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have more questions. We’d love [...]

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It? Change Your Smile, Change Your Life

Something bothering you about your smile?  Wanting to correct a cosmetic issue is completely natural. Studies show more than 1/3 of people are unhappy with their smile. This makes sense considering the appearance of your smile plays a huge role in your self-confidence. The problem is when people view cosmetic improvements as strictly self-indulgent. In reality, fixing your smile is good for your health and wellbeing! How your smile affects your quality of life What’s the first thing you notice about someone? Often, it’s their smile. People are noticing your smile, too. So if you don’t like your teeth, you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in social situations. Countless studies have [...]

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