We Love Giving Back!

At Timberhill Dental, we’re fortunate to be able to volunteer our time and skills to provide dental care to those who need it. That’s why we traveled to Jamaica back in 2015 to provide free dental care!

All told, our team helped nearly 350 people! Dr. Black filled cavities and performed extractions. Our hygienists cleaned teeth and helped the patients we worked with to improve their dental hygiene!

We went with a group called 1000 Smiles that sends dental teams to Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

Today we’d like to share with you a few pictures of our service trip:

Timberhill at the Airport

The Timberhill Dental team poses with the new PDX airport carpet as they get ready to leave for Jamaica!

Timberhill Dental Waits to Take Flight

Dr. Black and the rest of our team can’t wait to take flight!

Dental Clinic in a Church

Setting up our dental clinic inside a church!

Organizing Supplies

Here you can see Kurt, Tina, Marie, Sandy, Stefanie, and Diane sorting dental supplies!

Working with Patients

We love working with patients who need our help!

Working with Dr. Odean

In Jamaica, Dr. Odean joined the Timberhill Dental team. He was fantastic to work with!

Hard at Work

Dr. Black and Stefanie hard at work!

A Beautiful Smile

Just look at that smile!

Beautiful View

What a view! Thanks to Sandals Resort for providing us with a place to stay during our trip– an incredibly generous donation!

The Timberhill Dental Team

We did find a little time to relax on the beach, too!

Dr. Black Making Memories & New Friends

Saying goodbye to a new friend!

Want to Learn More?

The next time you visit Timberhill Dental for a checkup or cleaning, be sure to ask Dr. Black about our trip. He’s got plenty of inspiring stories to share!

So give us a call at (541) 754-0144 to schedule your next appointment.