Here at Timberhill Dental, we always stay up to date with the most recent advancements in dental technology. Incorporating the latest techniques and tools allows us to provide minimally invasive, world-class dental care to our patients.

That’s why we recently purchased a CEREC® Prime Scan — the latest and greatest technology for scanning the dentition and jaw area. Keep reading to learn more about what this fast and highly accurate scanner actually does, and why it’s so important for our patients’ comfort and well-being.

What is CEREC®?

Although the CEREC® Prime Scan is new, we’ve been using the CEREC® system for years.

CEREC® stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” The system uses computer-aided design (CAD) technology and software to design and create permanent dental restorations like crowns, veneers, onlays, and more. The machine itself includes a camera, computer, and milling instrument. 

In the past, making single tooth restorations required multiple visits, but with CEREC® it takes only minutes. You can get a crown, for example, in only one visit! Plus, it also means we don’t have to take physical impressions of your teeth, since CEREC® uses digital imaging. 

How does CEREC® Prime Scan work?

The CEREC® Prime Scan is a recently developed digital scanner that uses a camera to create incredibly detailed and crisp 3D digital images of your mouth. You can think of it as a better version of taking impressions. With traditional impressions, you hold a tray full of sticky goop in your mouth until it hardens around your teeth. CEREC® Prime Scan isn’t like that at all. There’s no messy goop and no uncomfortable tray. Just a small, handheld camera that we use to scan your mouth.

Even compared to previous 3D dental scanners, the CEREC® Prime Scan is more advanced. It’s faster, more accurate, and easier to use. It even beautifully scans restorations (like crowns, implants, bridges, and others). Perhaps most importantly of all, it allows us to give our patients an even more comfortable and low-stress experience.

What is CEREC® Prime Scan used for?

Using the CEREC® Prime Scan, we can perfectly design and create single-visit restorations, including crowns, onlays, veneers, and more. The system can also be used to make comfortable, well-fitting night guards and SureSmile clear aligners (which are used to straighten teeth, similar to Invisalign).

This amazing technology combined with our CT scan allows us to place crowns, implants, and other restorations more precisely than ever before. It also helps us provide precision diagnoses and develop treatment plans for conditions like:

  • Cavities and decay (potentially helping you avoid a root canal)
  • TMJ pain and headaches
  • Sleep apnea
  • Bone cancer (early detection is key)
  • Small fractures and cracks in the teeth

How CEREC® Prime Scan benefits our patients

Not only does the Prime Scan help us provide a better dental experience for our patients, but it also helps us deliver the best possible results with the highest quality restorations that look and feel natural. Here’s what you can expect if you make an appointment at Timberhill Dental:

  • Scans are quick, easy, and minimally invasive.
  • Since most restorations can be done in a single visit, there’s typically no need to apply a temporary.
  • You get beautiful, accurate, and well-fitting restorations, night guards, retainers, and more.
  • We won’t need to make as many adjustments when we actually place your restoration (if any are necessary at all).

We’re reducing barriers to treatment

Another thing we love about the new Prime Scan is that it helps us eliminate some of the obstacles that prevent many people from getting the dental treatment they need. We know that going to the dentist can be an anxiety-provoking experience for many people, especially if the visit might involve physical discomfort around an already sensitive tooth. Plus, traditional impressions that use plastic trays can trigger a gag reflex and a panicky feeling for many people.

CEREC® Prime Scan and the other high-tech dental care options at Timberhill Dental are different than these traditional (and often uncomfortable) treatments. We believe everyone deserves to get a beautiful, healthy smile with minimal stress and discomfort.

Our high-tech, minimally invasive approach

At Timberhill Dental in Corvallis, we make it a priority to offer high-tech, high-touch dental care that gives you beautiful results with maximum comfort and peace of mind. 

For us, choosing to buy the latest high-tech dental devices available is an investment in our patients’ health and comfort. The CEREC® Prime Scan is a big improvement to an already amazing minimally invasive technology. If you ask us, that’s a great investment!

Our focus on patient comfort goes beyond technology, though. We’ve done everything we can to make your entire visit a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Here’s how:

  • When you walk into our office, our friendly staff will offer you your choice of freshly ground coffee, espresso, or another gourmet beverage.
  • You’ll be surrounded by calming, spa-like amenities and decor.
  • We’ll offer you a warm blanket, a soft neck pillow, and a paraffin hand wax dip.
  • We’ll talk to you about your oral health and, if we recommend any treatments, we’ll take plenty of time to answer all your questions before you decide how to proceed.
  • If your treatment plan involves the CEREC® Prime Scan, we’d be happy to show it to you and explain how it works. You’ll be amazed at how smooth, fast, and comfortable it truly is!

Have more questions about the CEREC® Prime Scan and how Timberhill Dental can help you?

CEREC® is the safest, quickest, and most effective way to restore and improve your smile. If another dentist in the Corvallis area suggested a treatment that requires multiple visits or a temporary crown, come to Timberhill Dental for a free second opinion. We’ll determine if CEREC® can help you get better, faster results. 

Just call us at (541) 207-0105 to schedule an appointment.